Transfer Tape Sheets

Transfer Tape Sheets


Individual Sheets of Transfer Tape – 12×8 inch sheets

Purchase a single Sheet or a 3-Pack of Sheets

  • These are an Add-On item ONLY and MUST be purchased with at least ONE stencil.  

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Individual Sheets of Transfer Tape – 12×8 inch sheets

  • Exactly what you need to transfer some of our more intricate and complicated designs to your project
  • Perfect for Custom Orders with multiple pieces and parts
  • Add-on Item ONLY.  MUST be purchased with at least ONE stencil sheet
    • Any orders placed that do not include a stencil will be cancelled
    • We do this because of shipping costs….we’re already selling these as cheap as we can, so after shipping costs, we actually LOSE money if you ordered only transfer tape.
  • We were the first stencil site to offer Transfer Tape to their customers
    • Even as the “other guys” try to jump on board, our low prices for this item reflect that we’re here for the customer, not just profit
    • Compare 3 sheets for $5 (from us) to $5 per sheet, plus shipping (other guys)
  • Learn how it works – see the video below!
  • Not all Transfer Tape is the same.  We specifically picked this type of Tape for it’s level of adhesive.  Some tapes will not work well with our stencil vinyl because they’re too sticky and will over power the adhesive of the masking vinyl, which means it won’t attach to your project.  We’ve had zero complaints about this Transfer Tape not working the way it should.
  • Here are some designs we sell that may benefit from Transfer Tape
  • Always-Free First-Class Shipping or Free Priority with orders over $70
  • Coming back for more?  Ordering again?  Leave a review and let us know how it worked!



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